Custom Cartoons

2016-06-26-Speaker300Custom business cartoons can grab attention and deliver your message quickly – to sell, promote or educate!

In today’s fast paced world, it’s hard to get your audience to read your message.  So you need to get your point across fast, and cartoons can do just that. High impact cartoons can make your point, quickly and efficiently – and with humor!

We create personalized cartoons with the name of an individual, company or product. You can use them for slide presentations, email campaigns, websites, blogs, social media, direct mail and more.

What is your message —  what do you want to say? Collaborate with Michael Marks, an experienced businessman and cartoonist to create your message.

Do we want to make people laugh? Sure, that’s always fun — but a simple smile will do.  We are really all about getting their attention and making our point.  By setting up a scene, adding characters and then delivering your message with an attention grabbing tag line.  Ah, that’s it.

More than a cartoonist, Michael H. Marks has a business career of over 40 years, including owning over 12 companies and selling businesses as a Mergers & Acquisitions advisor (see full bio).  As your “cartoon consultant”, Michael can help you develop your message. He can give you ideas so he can go to work to create that message in a high impact, entertaining cartoon. Prices start as low as $250 per custom cartoon. Please call Michael at 1-800-516-1008 or email him at to get the creative process flowing.

Examples of Custom and Personalized Cartoons


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