Email Campaigns for Business Brokers and Intermediaries

Our Drip Marketing Email Campaigns keep business brokers and intermediaries in front of their referral sources and seller prospects on a regular basis.  We send our exclusive “Toons ‘n Tips” email under your name and format every month similar to the sample below.  But unlike a newsletter, we deliver a quick message making an important point to the recipients in a humorous way.

Business brokers, sign up for our new low cost email campaign featuring Cartoons and Tips for Maximizing Business Value.  While you are busy working on deals, we will send an original cartoon and brief tip every month to your protected list of referral sources and seller prospects.  The email goes out under your name and your company’s design.

Here is what is included in this exciting and unique service:

  • Monthly original cartoon and tip (targeted to business owners and their advisors)
  • Emailed from your name with your company contact information
  • Your logo and border colors to match
  • Promotional paragraph about your company
  • Your email address and links to your website
  • Automatically sent every month to your own protected email list 
  • Add or delete email addresses every month
  • Reports following each mailing with the list of Opened, Bounced, Click-throughs and Unsubscribes

Check out our reviews to see how well our program is working for brokers and intermediaries across the country.

Sign up now for this unique “drip marketing” campaign that automatically keeps you in contact with your referral sources and business owners every month . . . lining up potential future business for you.  Call Michael Marks at 1-800-516-1008 or email