Email Template for Growing Your Business

Our Drip Marketing Email Campaigns keep Businesses and Professionals in front of their clients, prospects and referral sources on a regular basis.  We send our exclusive “Toons ‘n Tips” email message under your name and format every month similar to the sample below.  But unlike a wordy newsletter, we deliver a quick message making an important point to the recipients in a humorous way.

Here is what is included in this exciting and unique service:

  • Monthly original cartoon and tip
  • Emailed from your name with your company contact informatio
  • Your logo and border colors to match
  • Promotional paragraph about your company
  • Your email address and links to your websit
  • Automatically sent every month to your own protected email list
  • Add or delete email addresses ever month
  • Reports following each mailing with the list of Opened, Bounced, Click-throughs and Unsubscribes

Sign up now for our unique drip marketing campaigns that automatically keep you in contact with your target market every month  –  building relationships and increasing sales.