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Networking-LunchKeeping in Touch with Seller Prospects and Referral Sources on a Regular Basis gets results!

Everybody knows that referrals are the best way to get business.  And it can be a great opportunity to meet with a new referral source and discuss how the two of you can work together and help each other.  But then who pays for the coffee or meal, and what happens after that meeting?  Spending the time and money on this new relationship won’t mean anything if you don’t keep in contact with each other on a regular basis.  It’s critical to have an effective drip marketing campaign in place to get the most out of these important potential sources of new business!

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“Cartoons do work! Picking up a client from 2016 who followed our mkt 101 cartoons!”  DG – Washington

“Mike, I have received feedback from several people that they like the cartoons and the tips are right on the money.  I am very satisfied that this is a good way to stay top of mind with potential sellers and lead referral sources.”  RC – California

“Getting good response from our recent campaign.  The golf story, showing lost drive affecting the business, fits a lot of my contacts.”  JE – Texas

“Toons ‘n Tips is a game changer.  It’s a fun and non-intrusive way to communicate to your sphere of influence with a relevant message.  Many people have told me they look forward to receiving the monthly cartoon and they make them laugh.  The bottom line is that Toon ‘n Tips really made a difference in how our firm was was perceived in our market.  This great way of reminding people who you are helped us to become go-to broker in our City and our County.”  SD – Colorado

“By the way, from the last campaign, we received a buyer inquiry on the Manufacturer & Retailer to whom I’m showing another business Monday evening, a seller lead from a couple of years ago that is now ready to sell who I’ll meet with Monday morning, a future franchise buyer who completed a qualification profile & a private equity rep. who liked the cartoon.”  BB – IA

“We had a very good year thanks to you!  Closed 14 deals, 4 LOI’s going into the next year, 21 active clients going into the new year.  Your campaigns really keep things together and moving forward!”  DG – WA

“Mike, your Season’s Greetings campaign this year was terrific!  I got one excellent listing from it and conversations with another business owner who looks like he is ready to take the next steps!”  OA – MD

“Wow, what a day, thanks to our latest Toons ‘n Tips email campaign.  I received 4 responses from sellers I had been working with for years who are now ready to put their businesses on the market and one really good buyer who wants to take a look a one of my listings!”  SD – Colorado

“I received a reply to a recent Toons ‘n Tips email campaign from a business owner that had backed out of selling about a year and a half ago and I hadn’t talked to since.  He said he was finally ready to sell —- and I now have a $1.8 million listing!”  RG – Texas

“I just got three opportunities in the last few days (a wonderful listing, and two valuations) with clients I have been in touch with for years.  Wouldn’t have happened without Toons and Tips.”  RR – Virginia

“I just got a call from a Midas dealer who is thinking of selling his shops.  He said my new cartoon emails described him perfectly.”  AB – Pennsylvania

“After working with a client prospect for many years, she just replied to our most recent Toons ‘n Tips email campaign.  She said she really enjoyed our cartoons every month and learned a great deal from the tips.  And now she is ready to list her very, very profitable company with me.”  SD – Colorado

“Looks like keeping in touch with old prospects works!  (Reply to a Toons ‘n Tips Email Campaign)  I think it’s time for us to have substantive conversations with regard to selling the business.  I think I’m ready….”  JJ – Texas

“Toons & Tips.  They are always good, but today’s really made me smile.  Today we had losts of direct responses.  All positive.”   DB – Iowa

“As a direct result of receiving my last ‘Toons ‘n Tips’ email, my seller prospect who many months earlier had said he just wasn’t ready to let go of ‘his baby’, replied saying it was time to sell.  Now, he’s providing me all of the information I need to put together for a very solid listing”.  RG – Texas

“We received 11 direct responses and inquiries from today’s Toons ‘n Tips campaign!”  BM – Colorado

“You can’t believe how ON TARGET this (lastest cartoon & tip) is with my current deal.  Talk about perfect timing.”  BM – Colorado

“I have a client who pays virtually all of his personal bills through the business and buried about $90,000 in his P & L last year.   I spoke with him today and he thought it was funny that I sent him a cartoon specifically about him.  The timing was perfect, because we are right in the middle of trying to convince the bank’s third party appraiser that the business actually makes money”.  AB – Pennsylvania

“Just found and met with a group of REAL CEO’s and owners of their companies this morning.  Hard to find organizations that have the real McCoy in attendance.  Your e-blast got their attention.  I was asked to speak at their monthly breakfast.  DG – Washington

“Yesterday I put a business under contract at $1.7 million with a buyer who responded from the Tips ‘N Toons last month. It isn’t one of the businesses we featured but he clicked through, looked over our listings and called me. He was one of our buyers who has been in the database since 2008 and was referred to me by an individual I had sold 2 businesses for previously.”  BM – Colorado

“After receiving Tip #17, the prospect I was working with for 12 years, replied that she was finally ready to retire.  I sold her very special business for full price and all cash.  And the commission was over$100,000!”  MM – Colorado

“Thanks for another year of great cartoons and messages, Mike.  I’m getting lots of very nice comments.  More importantly, they have opened up a couple of conversations that may lead to nice listings/sales.” RG – Texas

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