After years of trying to find some way to keep in contact with his network of referral sources and prospects, Michael H. Marks realized that with his new-found talent as a cartoonist, he was able to create a novel approach to this frustrating problem. By sending out his original cartoons and tips that make an important point about Maximizing Business Value and Managing Your Workforce, he created a lead converting system to keep in front of specific targets in a humorous way. And by taking advantage of the latest technologies of email marketing, he could offer it on a consistent, reliable schedule.

Michael now offers a complete lead conversion email service for clients all over the country, including his newest program – Monday Morning Smiles. You too can take advantage of this program to keep in front of your prospects, referral network and customers every month to develop your business relationships and increase revenues.

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Toons ‘n Tips for Business Brokers & Intermediaries

Keeping in Touch with Seller Prospects and Referral Source every month featuring our exclusive Cartoons & Tips for Maximizing Business Value gets results. We provide full service email drip marketing campaigns including complete analytics following the campaigns.

Monday Smiles

Monthly or Bi-Monthly Drip Marketing Email campaigns featuring 4 cartoons to provide attention and humor to your brand and message.  Here are some samples of the cartoons.

Senior Smiles

Monthly or Bi-Monthly Drip Marketing Email campaigns with our Senior Living cartoons to keep in contact with your prospective residents and their families.

Or check out a partial sample of one of our fun and entertaining PowerPoint Presentations for you or a member of your staff to deliver to your senior living community residents.

Here are some samples of our exclusive Senior Living cartoons:

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