What is Drip Marketing?

There are various definitions of “Drip Marketing”, but basically it is the process of sending out some type of message directly to referral sources, prospects and clients on a regular basis. It is usually sent by email, because that is the most inexpensive and easiest method, but it can also be accomplished with postcards or newsletters.

Why is Drip Marketing So Important?

It has always been a challenge for small businesses or professionals to be able to advertise on a consistent basis to their specific market. It is just too expensive, and oftentimes, it is difficult to find a media source that hits the market efficiently. But in order to find new customers and grow, you must get your message out there. And you have to keep that message out there time after time after time. Otherwise your prospects never recognize your brand or your customers can forget about you.

A Drip Marketing Service Provides the Necessary Consistency.
Recognizing the need for a drip marketing program is one thing, but being able to keep up the commitment is another. Who has the time and capability? You need to prepare content, create design, maintain databases and send out your message every month – no matter how busy you are. Considering the potential benefit of drip marketing, it makes sense to use a service that can provide your unique message on a consistent basis.